My Favourite Things

Introducing “My Favourite Things” –  Bec Williams Designs Autumn/Winter 17! This sweet collection will have you humming this childhood song while you sew. Featuring adorable kittens, snowflakes, bold winter bouquets and “brown paper” for a vintage feel. You will LOVE this collection! My soft buttery cotton sateens will be magical paired with dainty cotton lace and a regal red velveteen!

The Prairie Collection

As the day draws near, a mother wanders in the garden with her little children. They reach their chubby little fingers down and pluck a wildflower, handing it lovingly to their Mother. To the child, a wildflower is the perfect and most beautiful gift, and to the Mother, her children are each wildflowers … and her most beautiful Gifts.

I Believe Collection

This magical mini-collection showcases beautiful watercolour artworks embellished with delicate watercolour embroidery. Unicorns were my favourite creatures growing up. They were kind, protective, gallant and friends with the fairies. I truly believed in them, they were as real to me as the horse in a neighbouring paddock. Unicorns have enchanted little girls’ imaginations in fairy tales for centuries, and I was no different. As a little girl I wanted unicorns on EVERYTHING… and so here she is, a symbol of bravery and of kindness! A sweet delicate nod to imagination and believing in the impossible!