I am an Artist, Primary Teacher, Dreamer, Wife and Mother (of three boisterous boys!)

The Grand-daughter of a dressmaker, I grew up in handmade dresses stitched and embellished with love. New fabric has a smell and texture that evokes nostalgic memories of wandering among reams of fabrics as a little girl, feeling the soft folds run through my fingers as they draped on rolls stacked neatly in bins. Choosing my next dress fabric was like choosing candy. It was my grandmother who taught me to embroider.

As a lover of fairy tales, and all things wholesome, sweet and vintage, I paint and embroider to evoke nostalgia. Creating dainty artful designs I would have loved as a little girl. The more adult designs are inspired by beauty found in the every day, in culture and history, in beautiful ideas. Our senses are delighted through smells, colours, textures. Embroidery brings a vintage beauty into modern clean lines. Flowers are not flat, their petals tilt and fall, they have texture and depth.. I aim to introduce texture and depth to my artworks with each carefully placed stitch. Embroidery is a slow art, but a flower garden doesn’t bloom in a day… each soft petal unfolds with warmth from the sun to reveal it’s beauty!

I hope you enjoy each beautiful piece as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Believe in the beauty of your dreams!