Welcome! It’s nice to have you here!

I am an Australian artist, primary teacher, wife and Mother (of three boisterous boys!)

I grew up mostly in country towns in rural Australia. We moved a lot and I was (and still am) quite an eccentric .. as the new girl, I didn’t always fit in and so I found solace and joy in my imagination and in doing creative things. An avid reader of old world tales and faery books I was always comfortable curled up with a book. I loved horse riding, Irish dancing and cross country running. Ever creative I ended up in a Specialist Drama Program for my senior years and majored in Drama, Dance and Theatre Arts. I held the lead part  in our school musical, it was “The Pyjama Game”, and I can still sing all of the songs today! 

My husband and I are avid travellers, and take our boys with us to see as many places and cultures as possible. We have lived in Italy, and learned Italian at the Universita per Stranieri and travelled through much of Thailand. Japan is our favourite destination, not only for the joy of skiing in the powder snow, but also the beautiful culture and delicious foods. We live on the Sunny Gold Coast near the beach and I am the only girl in a house of boys including my sweet lop-eared bunny Teddy and his bestie our dog Arlo.  

The Grand-daughter of a dressmaker, I grew up in old-fashioned handmade dresses stitched for me with love. I am currently designing textile collections for Hawthorne Supply Co in New York, USA. As a boy Mumma, it is so fun to see little girls twirling in hand made dresses featuring my art! It is a dream come true. When I was a little girl I loved wandering among reams of fabrics rolls stacked neatly in bins with my Grandma. 

I gather inspiration for my art everywhere! …from sweet vintage ephemera, to wildflowers and other beautiful things in nature, to the patterns and textures in unique cities and streets. We live in such a beautiful World!

I hope my art brings you as much joy as painting it brings me! Thankyou for stopping by…  have a lovely day! 

Bec x